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Mizukami Shrine is a Shikinai shrine located in Yunotsu Town, Oda City, Shimane Prefecture. The following story is told at the Mizukami Shrine.

Mizukami Shrine Mizukami Shrine Mizukami Shrine

Mizukami Shrine


Mizukami Shrine is a Shikinai shrine (the old and officially certified shrines) , and the two gods who control the sea of UwatsuWatatsumi and UwatsuTsutsunoo are enshrined as ritual deities.

Why did the gods who control the sea settled down in this land in the mountains that are not on the beach? According to the legend, many gods, including two gods, boarded the Sea of Japan long ago in gods era. However, it is said that it was Hiso's Tonoshima island that the god was washed ashore due to the storm that caused the sea to become rough.

Since then, for a while, the gods have taught salt-making and rice-growing techniques from Hiso to Kohama's beach, and then proceeded further into the interior through Kamimura and Hanbara to reach this land of Nishita. And the gods settled down here because they liked the view of Mt. Mizukami.

Today's "Yozuku Hade" is a remnant of that, and the people around Nishita were instructed on how to make Inahade (Wooden frame to dry rice) with a method of drying fishing nets.

When it comes to the autumn rice harvest season, there are still many people who visit "Yozuku Village" as an autumn tradition.

"Yozuku" means horned owl.

Welcome to worship

Welcome to worship

The deities are UetsuWatatsumi and KamitsutTsutsunoo. UetsuWatatsumi god is Wadatsumi god, and KamitsuTsutsunoo god is one of Sumiyoshi three gods.

According to the material quoted in "Shikinai Shrines Survey Report Vol. 21, San-in-Do 4", it is reported as follows.

When Izanagi crossed the Odo of the Hyouga country, he and many of the gods and their sons landed on the Tonoshima island of Hiso, Yunotsu by boat, climbed a small hill, and settled there. Therefore, the place name is called Hiso.

The land is called KamiWakareZaka (The slope where the gods broke up) because it broke up with the gods remaining in Haraedo. The gods living in Haraedo then moved to Kohama Village. Sometimes it was nightfall, so they stopped by. That place is now called a Kariya (temporary hause). There is also a house called a Kariya.

Then the gods went to Hanbara village to eat, and they called it Hanbara (Han means rice), and when people asked if they would settle down in Hanbara village, they said they didn't like it (iyaiya). That place is now called Iya (unpleasant).

Then the two gods reached Nishita Village and two gods were settled down on Mt. Mizukami. This is the Mizukami Shrine.


O-Watatsumi was born between the two gods Izanagi and Izanami. When Izanagi returned from the land of Yomi (underworld) and was cleansed himself, the three gods SokotsuWatatsumi, NakatsuWatatsumi, and UwatsuWataatsumi were born. It is said that it is collectively read as Watatsumi god.

At this time, Sumiyoshi three gos of SokoTsutsunoo, NakaTsutsunoo, and UwaTsutsunoo were also born.


"Yozukuhade" is a type of Inahade (Wooden frame to dry rice). "Yozuku" means horned owl. The harvested rice ears are hung and dried. It is a method of standing a tree in a triangular pyramid shape, which requires less material, has a small area, can be assembled in a short time, and there is almost no fear of falling due to the wind.


When I went, I headed from the direction of Yusato, but I was worried because the width of the prefectural road 201 was just one lane. When I checked the map later, I noticed that a wide road was maintained from the direction of Iwami-Fukumitsu. However, I have never taken that route even now. It is easier to understand from Yusato.

I checked it on the map, but I couldn't confirm which mountain was Mt. Mizukami. Is it around the shrine? I visited Mizukami Shrine twice, but the shrine was being rebuilt.

Mizukami Shrine before rebuilding

Mizukami Shrine before rebuilding

There is no photo of "Yosukuhade". I'd like to shoot someday if possible, but do I have the opportunity? In the fall, I climbed up and played with Inahade, but in Hamada City, there are almost no rice fields and I can no longer see them.


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